82% of the participants in the PASOK – KINAL ballot papers were approved


Candidates are pending in six constituencies, while the names will be released in the next few hours

The Central Political Committee of PASOK-Movement for Change which has been meeting since the morning, a little while ago approved the ballots with the party’s candidates in almost all regions of the country, giving the impetus for the party’s pre-election battle.

Following the recommendation of the ballot committee, 82% of the nominations were announced, almost 350 candidates, out of a total of 400 which is the completeness of the ballots.

No candidates were announced in 6 constituencies. These are the single-seated constituencies of Samos, Zakynthos, Kastoria and Evrytania, where strong personalities are being sought, as well as the three-seated regions of Arcadia and Laconia, where consultations are still ongoing for the composition of the ballot.

It is noted that the Apostolos Spyropoulos withdrew his candidacy from Arcadia and left PASOK-KINAL with spikes against the leadership, while he had asked the Ballot Committee for more time to decide.

Gaps and pending issues are identified in many regions and concern the quota of women and the final response of candidates. All names will be released in the next few hours.

The Central Political Committee of PASOK-KINAL continues and concludes with his political speech Nikos Androulakis.


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