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New commander in the “Corrupt” of EL.AS. P. Poupouzas-Eichmes Theodorikakou for the outgoing commander


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In the last months, I have not received any information from the previous head of this service, I have not had the basic information, said the Minister of Citizen Protection to the Parliament’s Institutions and Transparency Committee, referring to the outgoing commander of the Internal Affairs service of the EL.AS.

With the Minister of Citizen Protection, Takis Theodorikakos to excel his ethics, honesty and suitability, the lieutenant general of the Hellenic Police, Panagiotis Poupouzas, he is placed in the position of the Commander of the Internal Affairs Service of the Security Forces, with the consent of the Institutions and Transparency Committee of the Parliament.

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“The position of the head of the Internal Audit Service of the Security Forces is certainly a particularly critical position and has an important responsibility for transparency in the operation of the Security Forces and dealing with internal corruption. For this position, I recommend the lieutenant general Panagiotis Poupouza, an officer of the Greek Police who with his course, since 1987 he has been assigned to the body of the Greek Police, has all the guarantees to respond in the best possible way to this position. I personally particularly appreciate his preparedness, which makes his prestige wider and the same especially accepted by the officers, men and women, of the Greek Police, because he is always committed to duty and to the observance of democratic legitimacy”, said Takis Theodorikakos.

At the same time, the minister in charge left tips for the effectiveness of the outgoing commander of the Service, Ilias Kossyvakis, but also for the deficient information he himself provided. Responding to questions from members of parliament – members of the Commission, Mr. Theodorikakos informed that he was informed of the dialogues of ELAS officers with members of illegal circles from the publication of Vima on Sunday.

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He specifically said: “Let us now turn to the subject of the previous Commander of this position. I want to be clear and completely honest gentlemen. I have assumed my duties 16 months ago. You realize that it takes time to get to know and recognize issues. Therefore, for last year’s Report by Mr. Kossyvakis, the assessment I could make, to be objective, was very limited. Because it was the product of a collaboration that was much less than the actual four months. There was also the sequel. Continuity is bad, I want to be clear. In my own perception of the results of the work of this agency, in relation to the problem, as I perceive it or believe it to be – I refer to the problem of corruption – it is meager. Personally, I wish there were a lot more cases and they were investigated. In the last months I have not heard from the previous head of this service. I don’t have the basic information.”

Given that the Minister of Citizen Protection received questions from the SYRIZA MPs, Christos Spirtzis, Nikos Voutsis and Pavlos Polakis about the case that saw the light of day (with dialogues between ELAS officers and illegal circles) and how he himself moved but also regarding bitterness that may arise during ELAS crises, Takis Theodorikakos, on the one hand, clarified how he acted as soon as he saw the relevant publication, on the other hand, he categorically stated that he only knows the new Commander of the service in an official capacity and does not know him about his political position.

“Now that he came out, i.e. now that Dogiakos was forced, and I hope he doesn’t do it like he did with the wiretapping, in order to “cover it up”, that is, because the wiretapping was not all his misery and debauchery it was done, but how it was revealed, I hope it doesn’t have the same logic in them here. To look for those who revealed it, that is. Had you initiated such a procedure before?” was the question of SYRIZA MP Pavlos Polakis.

“When I read the publication of Vima on Sunday, I had only one option, to instruct the Greek Police to send this publication and everything related to the Internal Affairs Service to check it, and at the same time I said that this should be sent to Mr. Prosecutor. This happened automatically on Sunday. Automatically. Clean talk, clean talk. crystal clear conversations. But, make a decision. In the discussion, one called me out for one thing and the other called me out for the opposite. I want to be clear, “everything in the light”. Transparency, real control and real transparency. And I beg you very much, there is no reason, along with everything else, to now slander the prosecutor of the Supreme Court. Let it do its job. I beg you very much. Let it do its job. But, in the essence of the matter, the Minister of Citizen Protection, just stood in front of a publication that writes various things that must be investigated by the competent authorities, the Internal Audit Service, in terms of everything, so that nothing is left out and the as well as from Justice, yes, “the truth should shine”. So, I was waiting for you to say, well done Mr. Minister, well done and you will continue in this way”, replied the responsible minister.

In reference to the insinuations left about the crises in ELAS, Mr. Theodorikakos said: “Why are things suddenly happening and things are being discussed about the crises? You noticed that in ELAS crises in terms of quantity no cosmogenic changes were made. I consider it reasonable because the previous crises happened eight months ago. The changes are specific and aim to improve the situation and provide full guarantees for transparency and efficiency. That was the criterion.”

Regarding the new new Commander, Panagiotis Pupouza, who until recently was head of the Peloponnese Police Department, the Minister of Citizen Protection emphasized that he knew him as an officer during the time he took over the portfolio and collaborated with him on official matters. “I’m convinced it’s what you see and hear. Morals and honesty that are not challenged by his course and lifestyle. I am in no way examining anyone’s political identity when we talk about ELAS. I did not ask the general what he will vote for. I care about morals and honesty. He has them. end. I believe that the general has a huge amount of work ahead of him.” ND expressed a positive opinion on Mr. Pupouza’s position, SYRIZA and KKE were against, while PASOK, Hellenic Solution and MeRA25 were “present”.

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