Nikologiannis: “Others are looking for a reason to leave, not Panathinaikos – They want 5 points away from home”


The belief that the Panathinaikos it’s not going to get… paper “three point” everas he did not do even though he had the opportunities in the past, Tasos Nikologiannis expressed in his “air” News Bulletin 247while he also explained why yesterday’s “caustic” announcement came out.

Panathinaikos is not a team that usually makes announcements easily. He has now changed tactics. The reason this happened yesterday is because AEK described a situation that nothing happened, saying that the firecracker fell 15 meters away. After that game no one from AEK asked for an apology and not only that, but after so long it came back and that’s why Panathinaikos made this announcement. Panathinaikos had too many opportunities to get a game on the cards but didn’t. The object Anastasiou hit on the head in Karaiskakis, a firecracker received by Villafanies in Toumba or now with Brignoli. Other teams are looking for an excuse to leave the field at the slightest chance, Panathinaikos has never done that. Fair play is something he will uphold to the end. But being fingered goes a long way, that’s why this scathing announcement came out“, he said among other things.

Speaking about the program of the “greens”, the reporter of the station pointed out that in order for them to be able to stay in the battle of the championship they should in one of the three away matches with Aris, Olympiakos and Atromitos to find victory and in the other two not to lose.

At the same time, Nikologiannis emphasized that Magnuson has been out for a month and it is extremely doubtful that he will play on Sunday, with Panathinaikos’ stoppers against the “yellows” being Senkefeld and one of the Sarlia-Pounguras.

While he reiterated that the performance of the midfielders of the “clover” should go up a lot, especially those of Ruben-Cherinwhich will also help his overall defensive function.

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