Economou in SKAI for schools: We want opening on January 10, possible stricter measures

Economou in SKAI for schools: We want opening on January 10, possible stricter measures

Within the day, after the suggestions of the Committee of Experts, the Minister of Health will announce the measures that will be in force before the New Year, possibly with some adjustments, the government spokesman Giannis Oikonomou stressed today on SKAI.

The government spokesman said the measures would be more or less what we knew would take effect on January 3, while leaving open the possibility of some changes to the measures in schools, but clarified that the government wants them to open normally after the holidays. .

As Giannis Oikonomou clarified, “I guess that the committee at its meeting at noon will suggest the postponement of the measures that would be in force from Monday onwards, possibly some adjustments in the same context, we will weigh the data, the committee’s suggestions. and the Minister of Health will make the announcements on how we will proceed from tomorrow onwards, depending on the situation as it has been formed with the dispersion of Omicron to the sizes we know. The areas of implementation of the measures are the ones we know and we are not discussing anything more “.

Regarding the schools, Mr. Oikonomou stressed that the intention and stable orientation of the government is to open normally on time. He clarified that until January 10 we will have more data and other meetings of experts and if we need to take more stringent measures regarding the diagnostic test, possibly more tests, we will do it. “We will exhaust every tool, every possibility that we have in our hands to unfortunate the opening of schools,” said Mr. Economou.

“Now that the students are out of school with Omicron showing the dispersion and the new ages being more sensitive, some modification, some stricter control, may be needed to go on January 10th and open the schools.” “There is no suggestion today that the schools should not open on January 10,” he noted.

For the New Year’s Eve he stated that there will be instructions and recommendations, but he stated that “we have to put somewhere in the equation and common sense”.

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