The c.g. of the Central Committee of the KKE, D. You suckwas at the side of the artists at the big concert that is taking place at this time in the center of Athens.

The concert is organized by the Panhellenic Music Association (PMS) and the Panhellenic Union of Greek Singers (PSET) in Diakiosinis Square (Santaroza) opposite the building of the National Theater “Rex”, with the participation of dozens of artists.

We are here to express, once again, our solidarity and support in the struggle of the artists, in their just demands. No postponement is needed at this time. It takes the greatest determination and vigilance. No trust in the parties that governed and that promise various pre-elections, but do others afterwardssaid D. Koutsoubas.

D. Koutsoumbas met, among others, with Natassa Bofiliou, George Dalara, Rita Antonopoulou, Milto Paschalidis, Tania Tsanaklidou, Makis Seviloglou, with the musicians from the “Music Box” show of ERT.

He also visited the place where the unions of Attica gather aid for the earthquake victims of Turkey and Syria.

The members of the PG N. Sofianos, G. Protoulis, K. Paraskevas, T. Chionis and T. Gionis also participated in the party’s delegation.