Giannakopoulos asked Nino to write a song entitled “to the end”!


The “to the end” has become a slogan at Olympiakos, with Panagiotis and George Angelopoulos to declare, in fact, after winning the Greek Cup that it is “attitude to life” and how “it is delightful to hear it from the people». They also added: “The all the way didn’t start last year. It started when we made the historic decision to withdraw from that match at OAKA».

In the “to the end“, however, was also mentioned by Dimitris Giannakopoulos tonight (20/02) with his story on Instagram! Specifically, the owner of KAE Panathinaikos invited his very good friend, Ninoto write one song titled “till the end”! He characteristically says in his story: “Nino, my brother, I want a favor, please, very much.” I want to ask you to write me lyrics and music for a track. I want its title to be “to the end” and as “Paranoia” begins with “I will submit”, so I would like it to begin with these words, that is, “I will submit” ‘. It is a song that I want to dedicate to two of my friends and I want it to be played at OAKA from morning to night for the whole next year. From the beginning of each match to its end. Please, my brother, do your best. Thanks”.

Nino, in fact, immediately responded with his own story, writing: “Anything»!

Source: Sport Fm

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