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His announcement SYRIZA for the referral of Pavlos Polakis to Ethics Committee of the party, New Democracy commented in a statement.

The ruling party is calling for his removal Pavlos Polakis and his dismissal Nikos Pappa from the ballots.

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In more detail, the ND announcement:

“SYRIZA in its announcement mentions various procedural and communication issues regarding the damage it is suffering, but does not find a single word to say about the regulations and the essence of what Mr. Polakis said was unacceptable. After all, the attacks against the judiciary were not an aberration of Mr. Polakis, but the line of SYRIZA after the unanimous decision for Mr. Pappas. Apparently the attacks against the judiciary and against journalists are the official line of Mr. Tsipras, which Mr. Polakis expresses in a much cruder way.

A real condemnation of the opinions of Mr. Polakis is not only his self-evident deletion, but also the open denunciation of the opinions he expressed. We demand, in addition to the removal of Mr. Polakis, the expulsion from the SYRIZA ballots of Mr. Pappas, convicted for breach of duty. Only the deletion of Mr. Polakis is not enough.”