Turkey’s annoyance was caused by the purchase of amphibious assault personnel vehicles from GREECE.

As SKAI correspondent Manolis Kostidis reports from Istanbul, the Turkish media report that “the Greeks will go to the islands that must be demilitarized” and add: “Greece is violating the treaties. Congress approved their sale.”

As the Haber Global television network reports in its report, “Congress approved the sale of amphibious assault vehicles to Greece. The government of Athens seems determined to use them in the Aegean despite the contrary terms of the treaties.

Although normalization steps were taken recently, Greece again ignored international law. He accelerated the armament programs in the Aegean. Congress approved Athens’ request last year to buy amphibious assault vehicles.

Athens plans to move these attack vehicles to the Aegean islands. This fact increases the tension with Turkey and violates the demilitarized status of the eastern Aegean islands.

Greece is buying 63 assault amphibious personnel vehicles, 13 amphibious command assault vehicles and amphibious recovery vehicles, as well as machine guns, grenade launchers. The total cost reaches 268 million dollars,” says Haber Global in its analysis.

First test of the Turkish national fighter TF-X

At the same time, the Turks are celebrating because the Turkish fighter they are preparing has orbited with its engines, which will however be ready after 2030.

“We will not need the F-16s” celebrate the Turkish media with “A Haber” reporting:

The 5th generation national fighter jet of Turkey, proceeded to engine ignition and then moved freely on the taxiway. These are the images that everyone will feel proud of.

This is the national fighter of Turkey. The national fighter orbited and the first test was successfully completed. Thus he successfully proceeded to another phase.

The national fighter a while back had fired engines and now it was successfully taxied. The national fighter after starting the engines moved on the runway”.

The photo of Imamoglu – Yavas with Kemal Atatürk in the background that aroused the Turks

“We are working for the peace and prosperity of the country. Everything will be great” they say in their post, causing concern in the ruling faction.

Erdogan: My people say “father don’t abandon us”

At the same time, Tayyip Erdogan claims that the people call him “father” and calls him not to abandon them! “I will not abandon my people, I will not leave them to the opposition,” he replies.

“In the earthquake-stricken cities, a phrase from my fellow citizens increases our responsibilities. “Father, don’t abandon us to them.” But it is possible! We know what they will do. O you, can I abandon them, my people? my own people?’ asked the Turkish president.

Erdoğan orders a minister to change… his signature

Meanwhile, Tayyip Erdoğan put his hand on his minister about his signature, asking him to change it, while the microphones were on and recording the conversation!

“Hey! But what kind of signature is that? Change your signature!” he said to the trade minister, who stared at him awkwardly.