The informal agreement to lower the tone between Greece and Turkey, at least until the elections, is also confirmed by the Turkish side, as reported by “Kathimerini”.

As SKAI correspondent Manolis Kostidis reports from Istanbul, there is a moratorium on non-conducting exercises of national scope in air and sea.

This was also helped by the desire of the USA, which wants calm waters in the Eastern Mediterranean, which Blinken also expressed, and also the energy issue, since Greece, Turkey, Cyprus, Egypt and Israel will have to find them, if they find them, after the elections of two countries in May, noted Manolis Kostidis.

Pollsters say the elections are a strong derby – Fears of fraud

The Turkish pollsters are talking about a derby, and indeed a possible one, who give Kilicdaroglu a lead with 45% against Erdogan’s 42%.

As the “guru” of pollsters in Turkey, Ozer Senjar, said in his conversation with Manolis Kostidis, the result will be very close. In this case, security is needed at the polling stations, especially in the eastern regions, where every vote should be checked.

It is reported that volunteers from NGOs will mainly go to areas of the province to ensure transparency.

At the same time, Erdogan accepts one not behind the other, as he asks for cooperation and nominations from people who refuse him.

The martyrdom at the hands of Kilicdaroglu became a topic of discussion throughout Turkey

The topic of discussion was the martyrdom that Kilicdaroglu wore on his arm, with the Turks commenting that “he wears it with the wish to defeat Erdogan”.

As mentioned by Fatih Portakal, presenter of the television network: “Here there is an issue, an issue. It’s a bracelet. You’ll be wondering what it is… Basically it’s Martenitska (testimonial) and you’ll all be wondering what it is. Martenitsa is a bracelet. A tradition in the Balkans. You usually wear it at the beginning of March. A spring tradition. Once someone sees the first stork, then you take it out. That is, if you see a stork and wear it, then your wish will come true. I think Kilicdaroglu’s wish is to defeat Erdogan, we see this clearly.”