He points out the need to peacefully resolve the differences between Turkey and Greece, based on the UN Charter the State Departmenton the occasion of the looming rapprochement of the two sides.

In particular, when asked about the looming rapprochement between Turkey and Greece, the representative of the State Department commented that “You saw the minister (s.s. Blinken) speak when he had the opportunity to be in both Ankara and Athens. And we have said for a long time that in terms of the differences between our NATO Allies, Turkey and Greece, that these issues should be resolved peacefully, that these issues should be resolved through diplomatic dialogue and of course according to the UN Charter. So this continues to be the case.”

“In Ankara we found fertile ground for talks”

Prosforo characterized the ground he found in Ankara, during the 4th round of contacts of the positive Greek-Turkish agenda he had last week with his Turkish counterpart Burak Aksapar, the Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Costas Fragogiannis in an interview with the newspaper “Kathimerini”.

What the deputy minister keeps from his visit to Ankara is the diplomatic culture and he expresses the hope that this spirit will continue to prevail in the relations between the two states.

Also, K. Fragogiannis emphasizes that he found with great satisfaction that progress has been achieved in almost all subjects of the positive agenda and estimates that the dynamics established during all these technical meetings, apart from widening the channel of communication between the two sides in critical areas of mutual interest, simultaneously opened avenues for closer cooperation in more targeted actions, such as cooperation of the business communities of the two countries in trade and investments in Greece, Turkey and also in third countries.