The American president Joe Biden appeared yesterday Tuesday to delete the prospect of the Israeli prime minister visiting Washington soon Benjamin Netanyahu.

Asked if he would invite the head of Israel’s coalition government of right-wing, far-right and ultra-Orthodox parties to the White House, Mr. Biden said “not immediately.”

Mr Biden then criticized the highly controversial reform of the judicial system in Israel that Mr Netanyahu was promoting before he was eventually forced to suspend it earlier this week after it sparked an explosion of mass protests in the country.

“Like many staunch supporters of Israel, I am very concerned. And I’m interested in getting that fixed. They cannot continue on this path,” the US president said when asked about the health of Israeli democracy.

The octogenarian president added that he hopes the Israeli prime minister will abandon the controversial reform.

Benjamin Netanyahu reacted by underlining via Twitter that he “appreciates” Mr. Biden’s long support for his country, but “Israel is a sovereign state that makes decisions by virtue of the will of its people and not on the basis of pressure from abroad, even if they come from his best friends.”

On Tuesday, US Ambassador to Israel Thomas Nietzsche said the Israeli prime minister was scheduled to visit the White House sometime in the coming weeks.

“Obviously he will. I guess after Easter,” Mr Nietz was quoted as saying on Israeli army radio.

Passover celebrations conclude on Thursday 13th April.