“Progressive governance depends not only on the faces and identities of each party, but also on the programmatic positions which are the most important stakes of the moment,” SYRIZA’s KO secretary Olga Gerovasilis told SKAI.

“Before the faces we have to talk about policies” he said characteristically.

Regarding the issue of collaborations and convergences, he pointed out that SYRIZA, despite the big differences with PASOK, on ​​the big issues, had almost a common position in the respective votes.

“With the ND, what can we ask for? If he will privatize PPC, the water, if he will dissolve the National Insurance Company? he stated.

He also made it clear that the leader of the first party that emerges after the elections becomes prime minister and the popular verdict is the one we all have to follow.

“The position of SYRIZA with which it reaches the elections is ‘we want to be first and from the first Sunday, if we are first, there will be a progressive government the next day. Immediately after the elections we will discuss this'” said Ms. Gerovasili .

Asked if there is a possibility of a large formation on the horizon, he categorically stated that there is no such possibility. “There is an abyss separating us from the ND both in the principles, and in the positions and in the program,” he emphasized.