Data showing the increase in the Health budget by 1.4 billion euros during the ND government compared to the SYRIZA government (from 3.8 billion euros to 5.2 billion euros) was presented online by Thanos Pleuris.

“The truth about Health with numbers. Securing resources means real support for Primary Health Care and the National Health System” said the Minister of Health.


  • SYRIZA 2019 budget 3.8 billion euros
  • ND Budget 2023 €5.2 billion – €1.4 billion more €

Salaries of doctors

  • Doctors’ salaries increase for the first time in 15 years 10%
  • Allowance for ICU doctors and anesthetists 400 euros per month
  • Allowance for emergency room doctors 250 euros per month
  • Allowance of 1,800 euros per month for doctors who move to other hospitals
  • Salary increase for the personal doctors of the health centers 800 euros per month
  • Remuneration of private personal doctors for providing free services to citizens up to 60,000 euros per year

Nurses and other staff

  • Increase of risk allowance to 200 euros and inclusion of new categories
  • 1,200 allowance per month for nurses moving to another hospital


  • Over 15,000 recruitments and only for 2022 5,700 recruitments
  • Personnel who served in the NSS 2019 100,308
  • Personnel serving in 2023 107,676


  • Guarantee of 1.5 billion euros from the Recovery Fund