“I am not going to enter into a debate where everyone says what they want and brings reality to their own standards, without looking at the real facts,” said the President of PASOK-Change Movement, Nikos Androulakis, in its context 8th Delphi Economic Forum.

“From the first moment, when I was elected to the position of President of PASOK, trying to prove in practice what European Social Democracy means and how it can create another momentum for our country, I have expressed myself in favor of cooperation governments. As they happen in the majority of European states. I have set some criteria from the beginning. The first criterion is to have a strong percentage so that I can negotiate with the rest of the parties the priorities that such a cooperation government will have – through program convergences. Also, I have said that persons who are the protagonists of the country’s major problems cannot be in leading positions. I’m not going to get into a debate where everyone says whatever they want and takes reality for granted without looking at the facts. I reject any scenario that doesn’t have the stages I told you about” commented Mr. Androulakis regarding the debates about governments of tolerance.

Asked if he will put water in his wine after the election, pointed out: “Everyone enters politics because they believe they can achieve something. I will not disparage this new course, not because as you say I will not put water in my wine or because I think it sends a message of victory. Whatever I say, I say it for the good of the country. I believe that the country needs cooperative governments, where the faces of the Prime Minister and the most important Ministers will be mutually acceptable. What some argue that I want to impose on the Prime Minister, is nonsense.”
Regarding his criticism of Mr. Mitsotakis and Tsipras emphasized: “They are not neutral persons. He is not Mr Scholtz who had a successful term, got a good rate and became Chancellor in a three-party coalition government. As a European Social Democrat, I believe that people who said: “we don’t want the memoranda and we will bring social justice” do not deserve to have a second chance, they promised nothing but a year later they sold off without any criteria and without any protection red loans worth billions to the funds. They are unreliable persons who held a referendum in 2015 and turned “no” into “yes” in one hour, exposing the country to the world. They are unreliable persons who said “Vote me as a white knight to put an end to the institutional decline of Mr. Tsipras”. And instead we saw attacks on the Independent Authorities.”

“Here we have populism with a tie as represented by Mr. Mitsotakis and populism without a tie as represented by Mr. Tsipras. One says a 10% wage increase. The other says a 25% increase in wages. How; With a law and an article? And with a simultaneous reduction in rates. How will these things be done? Here we are talking about an absolute mockery of the Greek people” he noted regarding the promises of Mr. Mitsotakis and Tsipras.

Identified as priorities during program collaboration “to drop the cost of living, the welfare state, Health and Education”.

“The stability of the country has a proportional responsibility. The stronger PASOK, the more responsibility it has for stability. So, the “smudge” those who will put their personal political survival above all else and not the progress of the country will be blamed,” said Mr. Androulakis when asked about who will be blamed for the instability and added that “I tell the Greek people in advance that I do not trust two persons who are charged with anti-memorial populism and the violation of human rights”.

Called to transfer a message to the undecided voters, Mr. Androulakis noted: “I say to every citizen: ‘Trust me, my mentality and culture is far from the client state.’ I became an MEP, Secretary of our faction and President and no one can accuse me of special treatment from the domestic oligarchy or clientelistic practices.”

Referred to in Greek-Turkish, the President of PASOK-Movement of Change underlined that “we cannot discuss with persons who talk about “gray zones” and islands of the Aegean which belong to them. They release spots like Mr. Erdogan’s party – but Mr. Kilindaroglu also says the same, let’s not deceive ourselves – where they put Turkey’s borders in Western Thrace and the islands of the North-East Aegean. But we cannot wait. We must plan by coordinating the respect of our sovereign rights and our national interests with European foreign policy. Until things normalize in Turkey and there is a sensible leader, we must have succeeded in orienting European foreign policy in the Greek context”.

“The fence on the Evros is a project that we started, because the country has borders and the Europeans have to pay for guarding the Greek borders. For me, a united Europe is for every European citizen to feel safe. From Kastellorizo ​​and Nicosia to Lithuania” emphasized Mr. Androulakis, and in terms of defense and equipment, he underlined the need to proceed with the creation of a European army.

About illegal wiretappingthe President of PASOK-Movement for Change said: “The online parastatal is not only a privilege of Mr. Tsipras, it is also a privilege of Mr. Mitsotakis and I experienced it first hand. This parastatal that divides the internet in a toxic way, especially the young generation, tried to show the leader of the third party, – a party with a deep democratic tradition, the party founded by Andreas Papandreou – as an agent of foreign powers” and repeated that any element of programmatic convergence will be a new Commission of Inquiry without abusive use of secrecy, “to bring to justice nephews, cronies and the parastatal that not only monitored me, but also the heads of the Armed Forces without knowing today what is the product of their surveillance . Isn’t this a matter of national security?”