The debate on the expansion of Greek territorial waters returns to the Turkish media, with Turkish journalists commenting on Hulusi Akar’s statements that he will not accept the expansion of Greek territorial waters.

“Not even 6.01 miles will be accepted,” Akar said, according to reports from Istanbul. Manolis Kostidis.

Milliyet columnist Ozai Sentir commented: “If Greece expands its territorial waters from 6 miles to 12 miles in the Aegean, the share that remains with Turkey is 7%.” A ship that will travel from Istanbul to Smyrna will have to pass through Greek territorial waters three times. Turkey cannot accept this. These can be discussed.

» I asked Hulusi Akar about this matter and he told me that we will not accept even the 6.01 miles. Not even 6.01 miles. so clear”

“They will land in Smyrna!” commented journalist Metehan Demir.

Cavusoglu: The US wants and supports terrorists

Ankara continues its aggressive rhetoric against the US with the Turkish foreign minister, Mevlut Cavusogluto state that “the US wants and supports terrorists”.

“We were excluded from the F-35 and the sanctions are unfair,” he said in an interview with the newspaper Hurriyetas broadcast from Istanbul by Manolis Kostidis.

Asked if the US wants a “terrorist state” in Syria, Cavusoglu replied: “One hundred percent. The organization is trying to divide Syria there. The US provides them with all kinds of support. The YPG/PYD is trying to create a terrorist state. The US also provides them with training and arms support.

Support for the PKK-YPG converges. This is vital. He works with a terrorist organization. Of course, the presence of FETO there is also a problem. On the other hand we call them allies, but they accepted the CAATSA sanctions. We paid for the F35s, we contributed. We will get our money back. Our exit from this system was the impetus to accelerate our own production, but the CAATSA sanctions are unfair.”