The Secretary of the Political Committee of the New Democracy, Pavlos Marinakis, responded to the position of the head of the State ballot of SYRIZA, Othonas Iliopoulos, who stated on SKAI’s “Today” that he is in favor of abolishing the university police.

It states in detail:

“Already from his first pre-election appearances, the head of the SYRIZA State ballot Othonas Iliopoulos proves to be the right person in the right position, managing to express “on a good day” in the clearest way the extent of SYRIZA’s hypocrisy.

A professor from Harvard – a private university – stated his opposition to the revision of Article 16 and the establishment of private Universities in Greece. A professor who teaches at a police-guarded university is speaking out against university police in Greece.

What do we understand? That when the chair goes in the door, logic goes out the window.

SYRIZA has chosen to “mess with” every possible prospect of the country’s development, rejecting for Greece what its leadership group enjoys as self-evident abroad. For them, the country is a laboratory in which they want to experiment on every improbable ideology and their repressed, having guaranteed life, work and deposits somewhere far from the problems they create for Greek citizens.

In New Democracy we have chosen to “deal” with the country’s problems. Our proposal is better and modern Education, better Public Health, even better wages, security and prospects for everyone, in Greece.

And that’s why on May 21 we ask the Greeks to move forward together firmly and boldly.”

The position of Mr. Iliopoulos after 18:15: