The man’s body was found on the evening of Tuesday, May 2, in Provata place and in fact close to the Holy Cell of Agios Artemios, where the monk lived, who has been missing since the beginning of April. The OFKATH rescue team participated in the investigation process, led by its president, Christos Rammos, who spoke exclusively to “GRTimes”.

“The monk, who was a probationer, lived in the Cell of Agios Artemios, located in the area of ​​Provata, between Kary and the Holy Monastery of Megistis Lavra. It was Monday morning when he left the Cell and did not return to it. Thus, at noon of the same day, the other two monks reported his disappearance to the Karyon Police Station.”

Mount Athos

Referring to the progress of the investigations that have been ongoing for a month, Mr. Rammos emphasized, among other things, that “in addition to the rescue dogs, pedestrian units were also used. Drone, underwater and thermal camera were also used. A rotting body part was found by a dog in a very inaccessible area. After they followed the dog, he led them to the spot.”