Papandreou: To make the Democratic Progressive Party big and strong again


A call for participation in the internal party elections of the Movement for Change was made from Sitia, where George Papandreou delivered a speech, in the context of his visit to Crete.

Mr. Papandreou referred to the creation of a faction “large, strong, which will be able to govern and defend our values”, while he also referred to Fofi Gennimata, for whom he said that he fought as a lad to unite the faction and soften the wounds created by the effects of the crisis “.

As Mr. Papandreou stressed, “now we do not just need to manage it from now on. We need to make a big leap. If we do not succeed, we will be led to the small letters of history. That’s why I decided to enter this battle. “

Referring to New Democracy and SYRIZA, he said that “New Democracy, faithful to its tradition, despite its technocratic face, continues to move relentlessly with the opaque, customer logics that destroyed us. And with logics of emergencies, but also with an arrogant attitude, it imposes unjust policies, restricts rights and cultivates opacity, in favor of interests and institutions. What can I say about SYRIZA? He had the opportunity to rule and his anti-memorandum rhetoric translated into exorbitant taxation and anti-labor measures. Worse, he hid the truth by washing away the sins of the SW governments. The leadership of the left SYRIZA, was aligned with the maintenance. For the prefecture of power, not its change “.

“So what do we need?” Mr. Papandreou wondered and replied: “Let’s make the Democratic Progressive Party big and strong again. A catalyst for the overthrow of the current political reality, which has led us to a quagmire, with the responsibility of both ND and SYRIZA. A faction, for Greece and the Greeks “.

Mr. Papandreou also referred to the relationship of the Movement for Change “with the democratic people of Crete”, requesting the participation in the internal party elections, but also in the processes that will lead the Movement for Change in the course of its development and strengthening.


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