The ministerial decision was published according to which all the details for the transmission of are determined election results which will be held on Sunday, May 21, 2023.

For the first time this year the results will be transmitted earlier thanks to 20,000 tablets that will be present in the polling stations. So, it is expected that around 20:00, one hour after the polls close, there will be a first estimate of the result, while around 21:00 to 21:30 there will be a safe conclusion about the political correlations, with a clear result in 80%+ of the Territory.

As stated in the decision signed by Minister of Internal Affairs Kalliopi Spanou, for the transmission of the results of the national elections of May 21, 2023, which is done directly at the Ministry of the Interior, as provided by article 94A of the p.d. 26/2012, the following steps will be followed:

1) Immediately after the counting of the ballots in favor of the combinations, the judicial representative transmits to the Ministry of the Interior the result, making use of the secure transmission device (SRT). In particular, it transmits: a) The total number of voters registered in the polling station. b) The total number of voters who voted. c) The number of ballots recognized as valid. d) The number of invalid ballots. e) The number of blank ballots. f) The number of valid ballots received by each combination and each individual candidate.

2) Then the judicial representative delivers the election result form in favor of the combinations to a certified messenger of the Municipality (before the counting of the crosses in favor of the candidates starts). The form is digitized at a municipal election office of the relevant municipality and sent through the Election Results Transmission Subsystem of the Integrated Electronic Document Handling Information System IRIDA 2.0, to the headquarters of the Electoral District. Then, from the headquarters of the Electoral District, the result of the election in favor of the combinations is transmitted by telephone to the Ministry of the Interior.

3) The judicial representative then counts the votes in favor of candidates (preference crosses) and transmits the result to the Home Office using the secure transmission device (SRT), following the enclosed instructions.

4) The Regions and Municipalities can receive the results in favor of the combinations and in favor of the candidates from the Ministry of the Interior for the information of their websites and of the interested parties in general. The provisions of this paragraph also apply to electoral divisions outside the Greek Territory.

5) The Regional Units are not allowed to announce, in any way, election results in mass media, websites and social media, if they have not been previously transmitted by the Ministry of the Interior.