Meeting under the GETHA Chief General Konstantinos Floros, with the participation of the Chiefs of the General Staff (GE) of the Armed Forces (ED) and the Security Forces (SA), in the Meeting Room “STRATARCHOU AL. PAPAGOU” took place today, Tuesday, May 16.

During the meeting, issues related to the cooperation with the Fire Brigade (F.S.) were discussed in prevention of forest firesduring the current fire fighting season, as well as in the assistance of the Armed Forces in meeting the needs of surveillance and extinguishing fires, with the provision of all possible assistance (with aerial and ground means, as well as personnel).

The importance of fire prevention was mentioned, emphasizing last year’s example, where the Armed Forces took over and carried out land surveillance in its entirety, with the emission of pure patrols almost throughout the territory, which as a result is judged to be successful, since forest fires were reduced significantly.

Issues of cooperation between the Armed Forces, the Hellenic Police (H.A.S.) and the Coast Guard – Hellenic Coast Guard (H.S.-H.C.A.K.T.) were raised and discussed, with an emphasis on joint training, joint land and sea surveillance missions borders of our country and the effective treatment of migratory flows, the results of which are reflected in the significant reduction of them from the beginning of 2020 until today.

Finally, the Head of GEETHA pointed out the excellent cooperation of the National Business Center (ETHKEPIX) of GEETHA with:

● National Coordinating Center for Operations and Crisis Management (ESKEDIK) of the PS

● Single Coordination Center for Operations and Crisis Management (ESKEDIK.) of EL.AS.

● Operations Center and the Unified Coordination Center for Search and Rescue (E.K.S.E.D.) of the LS-EL.AKT. placing special emphasis on the high level of interoperability that has been achieved between the Security Forces and the corresponding departments of the Armed Forces to deal with even a possible hybrid type of threat.