Interview in the main bulletin of SKAI and at Kosioni Co granted the general secretary of the KKE Dimitris Koutsoubas.

Mr. Koutsoubas criticized both New Democracy and Kyriakos Mitsotakis, as well as SYRIZA and the Alexis Tsipraswhom he accused of trying to catch “bites” even from the Golden Dawn, calling the recent statements of the SYRIZA president “shameful”.

“The next government will also be anti-people, even the progressive one,” he initially declared and continued by commenting on the issue of Giorgos Katrougalos and his withdrawal from the ballots:

“In general it is very strange, the first time it happened two days before the elections, a top official, his minister in the mufa government, would be elected as a member of parliament, he may still be elected. They are… The politics of SYRIZA one says one thing, the other the other and supports an increase in the professionals who are preparing to lockout”.

Asked if he would participate in a coalition government, he said: “We will go to government positions in another system, without a capitalist system, in another society.” “The KKE it is not an urban party,” he added.

“We will vote for any measure that will relieve the people, any positive proposal”, stressed Mr. Koutsoubas, when asked if he would support measures proposed by the government.

Regarding Alexis Tsipras’s statements about Golden Dawn voters, he said: “What Tsipras said about Golden Dawn voters is a shame. He’s looking for little votes everywhere.”

As for the Tsipras “window” for a special purpose government, he said: “There is no special purpose government, only a general purpose government. Our answer is negative.”