“Mr. Tsipras is a big sponsor of Mr. Mitsotakis and in order to save himself he even invites Golden Dawn voters,” said the president of PASOK-Movement of Change, Nikos Androulakis in a television interview.

In detail, Mr. Androulakis emphasized about the elections:

“Having seen through the pre-election campaign how my political opponents and especially the power systems of New Democracy and SYRIZA manage serious issues, -such as the economy and institutions-, I feel a huge responsibility. That on Sunday there should be a strong PASOK bulwark against institutional decay, social discord, economic destruction. Because if you look at their programs, they’re either populist in an extreme way or they represent an incredibly clientelistic mentality, which is taking the country back to 2010.”

“My duty is to say things objectively, accurately, with evidence, to show the Greek people that this toxic dipole of discord, of extreme toxic attitudes is leading us back to the cliff. They are unrepentant. And I show another way, of reliability, of progress” he added.

Commenting on the “opening” of Alexis Tsipras to Golden Dawn voters, Mr. Androulakis pointed out to ANT1: “Mr. Tsipras has the audacity to want to play Andreas Papandreou. At the time when Il. Kassidiaris was tweeting and calling on the Golden Dawn “don’t vote for smaller parties, vote for the one that hurts Mr. Mitsotakis” and K. Barbarousis, the former member of the Golden Dawn, urged directly: “vote for SYRIZA”, the Mr. Tsipras declared: “I also invite the strays of the Golden Dawn”. On the same day. Is it a coincidence? Mr. Tsipras found a hundred alibi not to vote for the amendment, which prevented the murderers of Pavlos Fyssas from entering the Parliament and protecting our democracy from neo-Nazism. This is not left, this is not progress.”

“Golden Dawn has been convicted of murders, beatings and extortion as a criminal gang. Whoever says today that he wants to vote for them, is he deluded? Are we serious? A former Prime Minister comes out, and a good leftist, who has made statements in memory of Pavlos Fyssas, and what does he say? That they are misguided and that’s why they come to SYRIZA? And at the same time Kasidiaris and Barbarousis come out and confirm him. I invite all democrats, progressive, left-wing citizens to come to the real house of dignity, progress, the center-left and not to Mr. Tsipras. He is the big sponsor of Mr. Mitsotakis, and to save himself, he even invites those who want to vote for this criminal gang. After what happened – the murders they committed and their conviction – that some people still want to vote for them… obviously we don’t want such voters. I said it straight. Absolutely,” added Mr. Androulakis.

Referring to the PASOK-Movement for Change proposal, he underlined: “I am not saying that I will appoint the Prime Minister. Most obviously, in allied governments there are discussions about persons of common acceptance, which have to do with where we want to take the country. Strong public NHS, with cheap and reliable services for the citizen, can Mr. Pleuris, for example, do it?”

“Who gave 10 billion direct assignments? Who is the changeling champion? Who is the government that has increased the national debt by an additional 50 billion? And now he plays that he is the representative of progressive modernization, and we have the largest trade deficit in Europe. Portugal – which is a similar economy – had a deficit of 1.5% last year. We had 12%. This year we will have 9% and Portugal is going to a surplus of 1%. Why; Because the Mitsotakis development is development for the oligarchs and not development for a competitive economy,” underlined Mr. Androulakis regarding the Government’s economic policy.

“Isn’t the Katrougalou law a Tsipras law?” Did Mr. Katrougalos do it alone? I heard some from SYRIZA saying that Varoufakis is a sponsor of Mitsotakis because he is scaring the world with the “Dimitra” program. Sponsor and Mr. Katrougalos because he said what he said. The big sponsor is Mr. Tsipras, who, with his unreliability, on the one hand talks about “Prespes of the Aegean”, the other that “the sea has no borders”, the other that the European taxpayer should not pay for the Evros fence but the Greek” emphasized Mr. Androulakis the day after the withdrawal of Katrougalos from the SYRIZA ballots.

“Neither Mr. Mitsotakis nor Mr. Tsipras want cooperation. They want to bleed the rest of the parties. I want cooperation with dignity and perspective for the Greek people, not by sharing chairs. Here, New Democracy, before the May 21 elections are even held, is campaigning abroad and calling on the Greeks to vote on July 1, 2023. So, what kind of cooperation does Mr. Mitsotakis want? Collaboration so that he and his company control the state? Mr. Tsipras is talking about cooperation, if he is the first. So, Mr. Tsipras obviously does not want cooperation, because what he claims is not going to happen, as shown in the opinion polls” concluded the President of PASOK-Movement for Change.