Alexis Tsipras described Sunday as “extremely negative” the result of the elections, with the New Democracy of Kyriakos Mitsotakis leading with twice the percentage. The negative results for the official opposition are also demonstrated by the fact that SYRIZA did not manage to win the first place even in the village of Alexis Tsipras, in Athamaniou Artas.

First in the electoral district of Athamania ND emerged with 40.87% and 1,316 votes, SYRIZA came second with 35.40% and 1,140 votes, PASOK third with 7.92% and 255 votes and followed by KKE with 4.07% and 131 votes and Hellenic Solution with 1, 99% and 64 votes.

SYRIZA suffered a big defeat in all three regions of the country in which Alexis Tsipras chose to be the head of his party’s ballot, namely in A’ Piraeus, the Dodecanese and Serres.

In these three regions, the largest percentage of SYRIZA was recorded in the largest port of the country with a percentage of 18.20%. The difference between SYRIZA and ND with 99.73% of the votes integrated is 30 points.

The next best result of SYRIZA and Alexis Tsipras is in the Dodecanese, where the difference from ND reaches 35 points. Specifically, with 100% integrated, ND receives 49.93% and SYRIZA 14.89%.

In the prefecture of Serres which Mr. Tsipras chose after the accident in Tempi and asked the voters to punish the ND and the former Minister of Transport Costas Ah. Karamanlis, SYRIZA received 14.78% while ND received 46.97% of the votes.

In the regions where Mr. Tsipras was a candidate, SYRIZA elects only one seat.