“The ballot box is empty and we start with moderation and absolute respect for the citizens. The Prime Minister was absolutely clear. One of the reasons our percentage was high is that, despite the fact that we were accused of the opposite and despite the fact that Kyriakos Mitsotakis was vilified, reviled, accused, harshly criticized during these four years, we never lost our temper and the world has realized this” said Yannis Oikonomou speaking to SKAI.

“When you don’t lose control for four years, you can’t lose it now, in front of the most responsible ballot box, which will judge the next day. The people voted for us mainly for moderation, respect for the citizen, commitment to our program and perspective for the future,” he noted.

Mr. Economou continued: “From my experience in Fthiotida – and I think that this will be shared by anyone who was chasing his election with a cross in the Region – the finding of the great disparity between the issues of current affairs and the real stakes for the world emerges. People say that we wandered for more than ten years, twelve, in very stormy seas and we saw a man who knows where he wants to take the country and the way to take it.”

He emphasized that “the prime minister changed the paradigm by which Greek society thinks. See the results, how the citizens voted in Perama, in Western Athens, in popular districts in areas of provincial Greece, how the social groups that are at the beginning of their lives and want a Government that allows them to claim, depending on the their skills, their advance in a safe country”.

He noted that “the New Democracy in this first four years succeeded in being consistent in a number of its traditional values: tradition, patriotism, democracy, freedom, relations with the identity issues of the Greek Center-Right world – it is important this- and at the same time with her policies to show that she understands the world. A great inclusive party for every social group, every person who wants to live in a European state, to claim their rights and their opportunities to move forward”.

Mr. Economou also said that “the need to revise the Constitution, which is a need to change and modernize the country in a number of issues, de facto imposes consent, regardless of a parliamentary majority. No matter what happens in the elections, no matter how many seats we get, if we want the country to get rid of regulations that the Constitution imposes for a number of reasons of mentality, this is a matter of broader consensus.”

Finally, Mr. Economou underlined that “because in Sunday’s elections we are voting for the Government, the perspective, the next day that we want for the country, we have to start from scratch. To invest in what I think gave us the great victory in these elections, focused on our proposal for the future of Greek society.

If once someone can claim that in the elections we also vote for the Opposition – its institutional role in the Democracy – ten times the stake in the elections is the Government. In the elections we mainly vote for the Government. We are voting on how we will live for the next four years, on what our future will be until 2027, possibly beyond. We are voting for a society of dignity and precedence, for political pragmatism. This is the main stake and this will be decided mainly in the elections.

There are two dynamics: one from the side of the Opposition where they deify the brake, they say “vote us for the brake” and the logic for the gas, to run the country forward. We say the country must run forward, with respect for society, the citizen, his demands, his vote, his criticism”.