“I am extremely proud of what has happened here in these four years,” the foreign minister said Nikos Dendias, in his statement in his meeting with the diplomatic editors.

“If someone had told me the day I was coming in that we would have accomplished half of what we accomplished, I would still be extremely happy”he pointed out.

As he pointed out, “all this presupposed the acceptance and understanding of both Greek society and the political world. I don’t necessarily mean agreement on everything, but at least understanding”.

Mr. Dendias thanked the journalists for the cooperation as, as he noted, it is “the intermediary between every government, every minister and society”. “You served the logic of consensus and understanding for challenges that transcended a government and a minister and a time.”pointed out.

He also thanked those who, as he said, endured my endless journeys, the endless hours in the plane.

“I understand that it would be better to have a more relaxed schedule and stay somewhere overnight. But the truth is that the priorities could not be served with a more relaxed schedule, because we simply had to explain to the world community immediately after the corona virus what our positions are.” write down.

“That is, they should not consider that our differences with our neighbors are historical differences, such as e.g. one might think that dogs and cats fight because that is exactly what they are.’

“We had to explain what the basis is, what the perception is, what the positions are, what is happening and what this means for the global community. We couldn’t do that with a relaxed schedule. We had to see as many people as possible, make as many friends as possible, explain to as many people as possible. This was most adequately served,” concluded.