By Antonis Anzoletou

The climate from the Central Committee of SYRIZA, which was completed yesterday, but also the “fighting” between the executives of Koumoundourou and Harilaou Trikoupi, as it unfolds on the television panels, reveal that the conflict between the two parties will be fierce. Until June 25, they have a lot to say with the goals of both parties being clear.

In PASOK, they wish to revive the bipolarity, as it was reflected from the post-colonial period until 2009, while in SYRIZA they do not want to let it be known that the hegemony they have conquered in the field of the center-left is threatened.

Nikos Androulakis will try to capitalize on the good result of the previous Sunday. A “fiesta” is already being prepared for Sunday. In SYRIZA, the climate is completely different, as the shock is too great to be overcome just like that. They want to get a clear difference in amplified analog. No one wants to think in today’s official opposition that for the next four years the front they will have to face will be twofold: on the one hand the New Democracy and on the other the primacy of the progressive space.

Party “pollsters” have already begun to study where they should focus their attention. Especially in the areas where the big “derbies” were recorded. In Heraklion, SYRIZA recorded 22.93% and PASOK 21.81%. Correspondingly in the Dodecanese SYRIZA 14.89% – PASOK 13.42%, Lesvos SYRIZA 15.91% – PASOK 14.53%, Halkidiki SYRIZA 15.25% – PASOK 14.03%, Argolis SYRIZA 17.75% – PASOK 15 .60%, Arcadia SYRIZA 19.13% – PASOK 17.84%.

The strategies that the two parties will follow from now on are of great interest. SYRIZA has no intention of giving PASOK any “space” and certainly the “good manners” and unanswered challenges are over. From Harilaou Trikoupi, it is time for them to draw a red line to prove that they are the strategic opponent of New Democracy and a rising consistent force.

He has also registered some firsts in the recent elections in relation to SYRIZA. The party of Nikos Androulakis came second in Lasithi, achieving a percentage of 21.47% against SYRIZA’s 17.76%. Accordingly, it surpassed SYRIZA in Chios (19.30% – 12.36%), Kilkis (17.34% – 13.63%), Drama (16.93% – 13.89%), Rethymnon (21.47% – 21.03%), Laconia (15.22% – 13.79%).

Given that Kyriakos Mitsotakis announced that there is no point in holding a second telephone debate for the second ballots, the informal debate that will take place between Alexis Tsipras and Nikos Androulakis will be interesting from now on, with the dispute as to who is the genuine representative of the center-left .