An attack on the government, on the occasion of the tragic labor accident in the Perama shipbuilding repair zone, was issued by SYRIZA.

The announcement in more detail:

“Mitsotakis’ Greece, without a Labor Inspection and labor relations, among the worst EU countries in terms of occupational accidents”

Today’s tragic work accident in the shipyard repair zone with one worker dead and two injured has been added to the long and growing list of work accidents in recent years with our country occupying one of the worst positions in the EU.

The causes of this dramatic increase are due to the anti-labor policy and regulations of the Mitsotakis government that have led to the complete deregulation of the labor market, the destruction of labor relations, non-observance of the necessary safety measures and the discrediting of the Labor Inspectorate.

We express our sadness to the family of the deceased worker and our sympathy to the injured.

We demand a full investigation into the causes of this new tragedy and accountability