Visit in Western Athens, in Saints Anargyros and Caresstoday the President of SYRIZA – Progressive Alliance, Alexis Tsipras. Mr. Tsipras was initially in the square of Agioi Anargyroi, where he spoke with citizens and delivered a short speech. Mr. Tsipras stated the following:

“At June 25 elections two programs are juxtaposed, the program of SYRIZA and the program of social plunder that is the ND programAlexis Tsipras emphasized while speaking to the citizens of Aghii Anargyri who had gathered at the SYRIZA – PS election center. As the president of SYRIZA pointed out “we call on the citizens who did not and will not choose the ND to come despite their disagreements and their reservations and join forces with us at the ballot box and overturn this association so that we can keep hope and justice alive The next day”. “Our program is an opponent of ND” emphasized Mr. Tsipras and asked the citizens to listen to the plan of SYRIZA, the true program of SYRIZA and not through the propaganda and distortion attempted by the ND.

“Mr. Mitsotakis and ND were saying that the SYRIZA program is not priced. So let’s go to GLK, let’s go wherever he wants. Let’s go together! Let’s go together to the GLK, wherever you want. To cost our programs. On one condition. Don’t put it on your feet. We go to GLK and the next day we go to a televised confrontation to discuss the programs. Do not desert once more” stressed Alexis Tsipras. “Do not deny the dialogue, the discussion in the media, do not go from square to square taking the verdict of the Greek people for granted with arrogance and arrogance declaring that there is no opponent. Your opponent is our program” added the President of SYRIZA – Progressive Alliance.

“There is an alternative proposal for power and that is SYRIZA” said Mr. Tsipras and attacked the ND saying that “it seeks to direct the reaction of the Greek people anywhere else except SYRIZA, because it wants the next day to have no political power that to be able to look him in the eye and prevent the implementation of a program of social plunder.”

“Our resignation would be the resignation of Greek society. That’s why we don’t give up. Not only do we not give up, but we will fight until the last second” stressed Alexis Tsipras, pointing out that he is fully aware of the difficulties. However, as he said, “the June 25 election is not a repeat of the previous one but a new election contest”.

“In the elections, we must speak with our programmatic speech, our positions and explain that persons are not judged. Our lives are being judged for the next 4 years. It is decided by which program and who will govern,” he said.

Then Mr. Tsipras said that “a lot of distortion and propaganda fell in the previous period before the elections. We were told that SYRIZA is supposedly coming to increase the insurance contributions for the self-employed. The truth is that the SYRIZA program not only does not provide for an increase in insurance contributions for the self-employed, but it also provides for the regulation of the debts that have accumulated for the self-employed, as we did in 2018 with a cut of the nominal debt and 120 installments. Not only do we not envisage increases in contributions, but we envisage exemptions by abolishing the pretension fee, with the tax-free amount at 10,000 euros. This is the program of SYRIZA”.

Mr. Tsipras also added that “We were told that SYRIZA is supposedly predicting an increase in taxes on businesses in general. The truth is that SYRIZA provides tax exemptions for the great majority of Greek society, as we are committed to reducing indirect taxes that have plundered society. Reduction of VAT on food, reduction of VAT on fuel to the lowest levels allowed in the EU, abolition of VAT for farmers and breeders. This is our program. Mr. Mitsotakis told us that his own government did not increase taxes in Greek society at all. The truth is that they had 4.5 billion more revenue in 2022 from VAT. How did this tax increase? When the cost in the basket of each household went from 50 euros to 100 and 150 euros and the VAT remained constant, this is how taxation increased. Through indirect taxes”.

Mr. Tsipras spoke at length about the issues of education on the occasion of the start of the nationwide exams. He specifically said, “Yesterday the national exams started. They started with the EPAL exams. Mr. Mitsotakis had once come to Western Athens and said about the children from the popular neighborhoods that ‘you are cool’. Yesterday 1 in 5 children did not go to take the exam. Are we concerned about this number? Why; Because their families cannot bear the financial burden, to enable these children to study. Because the great majority of them know that with Ms. Kerameos’s Minimum Entry Basis, she puts up barriers anyway and they cannot pass. But even if they pass, they know the great financial difficulties. We had instituted the two-year study programs with free access for all children from EPAL to the universities, so that these children can get training and specialization that will help them find a place in the labor market. It was abolished by Mr. Mitsotakis and Mrs. Kerameos. So we have to talk about what will come tomorrow, if we do not support at the ballot box a program that will give perspective to the children of ordinary families and their possibility to study”.

Mr. Tsipras also referred to the direct assignments made by the ND, initially saying that “We were wrong to talk before the election about 10 billion in direct assignments and closed competitions from the ND” to add that “15 billion was in

one three years in prison. Those who point the finger at us and tell us where you will find the money to give a better salary to the newly appointed doctor or for the 13th pension”. In this context, Mr. Tsipras referred to the Recovery and Resilience Fund saying that “it is the big stake of the next period”. “The resources of the Recovery and Resilience Fund together with the NSRF reach 70 billion euros” he noted and wondered “To whom will the Greek people give the mandate to manage these 70 billion euros?” To those who gave 15 billion in direct assignments and closed tenders to private individuals? This is a critical question that needs answers.”

Concluding his intervention, Mr. Tsipras emphasized “These issues, along with the big issue of Public Health with the collapsing hospitals, the critical issue of schools that have 30% substitute teachers, the critical issue of the welfare state. These are the big issues we need to talk about openly with optimism and determination. We are hard nuts to put it down. We can bring the twist. Let’s fight until the last moment. Not for us, but for a standing society.”