The ferry routes connecting the islands of the Sporades with Thessaloniki started today, enabling travelers from Thessaloniki, all of Northern Greece and the Balkan countries to travel by car to the islands of the Sporades without having to travel by road in the port of Volos.

The high-speed ferry “SuperRunner Jet” of SeaJets departed from the port of Thessaloniki at 07:00 with the first destination Skiathos carrying 400 guests and 52 vehicles.

Then he left for Skopelos and Alonissos and ended up at Mantoudi in North Evia.

The direct connection between the Sporades and Thessaloniki will continue throughout the summer season, until the beginning of October.

The routes will be operated every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, while at the peak of the tourist season, i.e. July and August, another route will be added every Saturday.

– The cost of tickets starts for one way to Skiathos from 36.50 euros and escalates.

– The high-speed ferry “SuperRunner Jet” has the capacity to transport 800 passengers and 140 vehicles and will run the route in Skiathos in 3 hours and 10 minutesSkopelos in 3 hours and 55 minutes and Alonissos in 4 hours and 15 minutes.

“The rate at which advance bookings are already being made for the Thessaloniki – Sporades route reflects the dynamic return of Northern Helladians to the specific islands of the Aegean,” said SeaJets shipping agent, Haris Karacharisis.

At the same time, he assessed that “it is not excluded that in the next period we will have a “sold out” of tickets”.