The press representative of PASOK-Change Movement responded with straight shots, Dimitris Manzosto Akis Schertso during a confrontation they had in the morning on Action 24 television station, with Mr. Manzo calling, among other things, for the press representative of the ND to take a public position on the government’s oligarchy regarding the taxation of the surplus profits of energy suppliers.

“Have you issued the ministerial decision to tax the surplus profits of energy suppliers? The answer is no. We have a week where, instead of talking about the problems of the many, we are talking about the interests of 2,000 families. This is happening in Greece” said his press representative PASOK-KINALwho argued that there is a New Democracy group that sets the agenda in websites, newspapers and all information.

“So, we are not talking about taxes on entrepreneurship, profitability, productive growth. We are talking about the super profits, about the parental benefits related to the private property of certain rich families and about the dividends that go into the pockets of the big dividend holders”, stressed Dimitris Manzos and responded to the representative of the ND who had spoken about “witnesses” of PASOK-KINAL :

“Because you are looking for a whole week for “martyrs” in PASOK, I have also found the “forgotten one”. Why you personally, when you were a partner in the main editor of PASOK’s program in 2009, when we were saying exactly the same things that “Kathimerini” is saying today, to control tax evasion and to go for tax justice and fair distribution of weights, you then supported it. And finally you are the “witness” who shows us who the ND works for, who it expresses and who it cares about. You are the “witness” Mr. Scherzo!

He reiterated that PASOK-KINAL proposes “graded progressive taxation of dividends means up to 50,000 euros the 5% that applies today and is the lowest in Europe. From there on, everything that exceeds 50,000 – and only that – with 10%. And that it exceeds 100,000 euros at 15%” and noted: “And I wonder, how many of us expect to get a dividend of more than 100,000 euros at the end of the year? Do you know what the difference is in the taxation of dividends under 100,000 euros? 1,000 euros! That’s why the economy will fall out of the thousand according to Mr. Schertsos. Our proposal is both efficient and socially just.”

He also responded in high tones to New Democracy for the accusation directed at PASOK that it proposes a tax-inducing policy. “What we propose is what the whole of Europe applies and what the OECD recommends in our country. They are talking about PASOK’s tax-inducing policy, while our program mentions a reduction of taxes on salaried work, an increase in the tax-free allowance for families with children, a reduction in indirect taxation”, underlined Dimitris Manzos and, addressing Mr. Schertsos, emphasized: “You are the faction that wants to rule tomorrow morning? How; You say ten different numbers for your program. You say that you will increase wages in the private sector by 25% in four years. How will you do this with the commitments you have made as a government to the European Commission with the new Fiscal Stability Pact, with the anemic forecasts made by the European Commission for the development of our country and without regulating the labor market with collective agreements? »

Finally, when asked to comment on the recent polls, the press representative of PASOK-Movement of Change estimated that “the message of the ballot box is that the country must acquire a reliable, genuine progressive, strong opposition and an alternative proposal for governing the country” and added: “It is good that the program dialogue has opened. We welcome this, we wanted it and before May 21, it had not happened. It is enough that the discussion takes place without fake news, without methods of Trumpism. On equal terms, with seriousness, sobriety, reliability from all and sundry”.