The determination of the trial on the case of brutality of sexual abuse of a 15-year-old by 12 of his peers in Ilionin a room of Evelpidon unsuitable to host it, led to protests, tensions and a delay in the start of the trial.

The hall chosen to house the multi-person trial relevant to gang rapecreated tension with the advocates protesting asking for a larger space as they were not even able to sit down and spread their papers.

The court initially refused to grant the lawyers’ request, resulting in the lawyers declaring that they are abstaining from their duties and leaving the Court.

However, the problem was solved two hours later, when all the actors of the trial were notified to move to a room of the Court of First Instance on Degleri Street, behind the Court of Appeal.

The trial has begun and will continue behind closed doors, while the next sessions of the court were scheduled to be held in the rooms of the Court of Appeal. The victim’s parents have been called to testify as the first witnesses.

The accused in the case are minorsin similar ages to the victim, eight boys and four girls who are on trial on charges of gang rape of a minor, gang membership and possession and distribution of pornographic material. Six of them are temporary detainees and complete six months of detention on June 21.

The 15-year-old boy was allegedly raped at least twice by what was allegedly a gang of children his own age, in an abandoned house in Ilion, at the end of 2022. The defendants had videotaped the witnessing moments that the boy had spent in their hands and had distributed the particularly brutal material to other students. The case began to unravel when children, recipients of the material, informed their parents.