By Penelope Galliou

Economy and health weigh more and more on the electoral campaign of the ND, focusing on the improvement of the daily life of the citizens, which according to Piraeus can come with the continuation of the program of the ND, which, as they emphasize, has been tested and proven in practice that can bring measurable results for the country.

“Our first concern was and remains the many and best jobs for everyone, with better salaries,” he emphasized the president of the ND from Aspropyrgosat the same time setting as his personal bet the strengthening of the National Health System.

“For me personally, the strengthening of the National Health System is a central political priority for the second four-year term” pledged Kyriakos Mitsotakis.

“The country will finally have a modern National Health System. We will hire 10,000 doctors and nurses. We will modernize emergency departments, health centers. We will invest in prevention, in the Personal Doctor. Yes, we will modernize and drastically intervene in the services of the EKAV so that we do not have tragic incidents such as, unfortunately, those that have justifiably monopolized the interest of the Mass Media in the last few days” he underlined.

The ND president acknowledged the weaknesses that exist, noting that “we never hid the problems. Nor did we say that the country was transformed in four years and we solved all our problems” however, he read the May election result as a reward for the citizens “because we worked hard, because we put the economy on a growth path and because, yes, Greece in 2023 it’s a much better country than it was in 2019,” he said.

At the same time, the field of the economy and taxes remains consistently high on the ND pre-election agenda. After all, the crown of her program for the next four years is the increase of salaries in the public and private sectors, with the simultaneous attraction of new investments for the creation of new jobs that will also contribute to the further reduction of unemployment.

“Our first concern was and remains the many and better jobs for everyone, with better salaries” said Kyriakos Mitsotakis, addressing the residents of Aspropyrgos, expressing the belief that one of the reasons that the percentage of ND in Western Attica and also in Western Athens was pleasantly surprised, “it is precisely because the citizens recognized this policy of ours with a development sign that emphasized, not simply on protection, but on the creation of new jobs”.

International forecasts for the country, with international houses and leading foreign banks, linking the best days of Greek economy with the formation of a stable government and some directly with the clear victory of the ND.

In Piraeus, moreover, they underline the forecasts of JP Morgan that the recovery of the investment grade for Greece is possible until the end of the year if the result of the first elections of May 21 is confirmed. According to the American bank, a strong ND government will put an end to the waiting attitude of the rating agencies and will lead to a triple upgrade of the Greek economy.

The investment level for which Kyriakos Mitsotakis has pledged that the ND will recover if it takes over the government again, within the first 100 days, emphasizing at the same time that it will translate into “unlocking” millions of euros of investments and a reduction in lending rates for households and businesses .​