“What counts on June 25 is how strong the KKE will be so that the people can be strong. Because only the KKE can oppose the next ND government and its anti-popular policy, from the point of view of popular interests with consistency, stability and militancy. Why only the KKE exercised such opposition, inside and outside the Parliament, during the previous government term of the ND, when SYRIZA voted for 50% of the ND bills and PASOK respectively voted for 70%”, underlined the head of the Central Committee of the KKE, Dimitris Koutsoubas, in his speech this evening in Volos.

He said that the positive step taken in the May 21 elections with a percentage of 7.2%, 26 communist MPs and the election of MPs in more regions, as in Magnesia, “can be followed by many more, with an even stronger KKE”.

“There is no doubt that the next ND government will escalate the policy against the people to serve the interests of the big business groups with the consent of SYRIZA and PASOK” said D. Koutsoubas and added that the question is “we, the workers, the people, the young men and women how will we deal with them? Will we accept new anti-people measures, the 350 prerequisites that must be passed by 2026, to disburse the installments of the famous EU Recovery Fund? Will we again pay their loans and the hot money the conglomerates will get for their businesses? Will we accept to pay again the brokenness of a new economic capitalist crisis? Will we tolerate further tax evasion, cuts in the name of ‘fiscal stability’ imposed by the EU?’

He pointed out that “all together, ND-SYRIZA-PASOK, in the last 15 years have ripped off the people with taxes and memorandum laws”, recalling that they rejected the amendments of the KKE that would have given relief to the workers and the popular strata.

“There is no “hidden agenda” of taxation.

The continuation of tax evasion of the people is a given, based on their common commitments regarding the profits of business groups,” he said.

“In order to relieve the people from taxes, the condition is to lose big capital” he underlined, adding “only the people, with their struggles, their movement and an even stronger KKE can impose this and will impose it” .

D. Koutsoubas said that an important part of the joint program, ND, SYRIZA, PASOK, is the EU strategy for the so-called “green transition”, and he referred, in detail, to the consequences and risks for the people of the region from the installation of a terminal LNG station in Magnesia, noting, at the same time, that “the only ones who will win are the American monopolies and the shipowners, especially the Greeks, who own a large percentage of the liquefied gas transport ships worldwide”.

“The installation of the LNG terminal is of interest to the US, which wants to win the energy war against Russia, the Balkans and Europe, displacing Russian natural gas. This plan is also supported by the Greek ruling class, which participates in the energy war on the side of NATO to upgrade its position and at the same time implements the directions of the EU’s “green transition” in pursuit of maximum profit, he added.

He referred to the jump in energy poverty, as a result of the implementation of the EU strategy to “liberalize” the energy market and investments of the “green transition”, noting, among other things, “as for environmental protection, it became the shortest anecdote” .

The only one who today can block the plans that count their lives as a “cost” for the “benefit of the few” is only the people,” he said, adding that “for this struggle to be more effective, the KKE on June 25” and noting that “the KKE’s opposition to these plans is not contemporary, but clear and comprehensive and is part of our confrontation with the entire strategy of the so-called “Green transition”, the strategy of upgrading the country as a hub transport of energy and goods for the interests of the Greek bourgeoisie and its ally and at the expense of the people”.

“The plans for LNG objectively “click” with the overall transformation of Magnesia and all of Thessaly into a NATO base,” said D. Koutsoubas, emphasizing that “the people have only to lose from the implementation of the policy that transforms Greece as a NATO flag bearer in the region” and explaining the dangers that lurk for Magnesia and Thessaly in general, from the country’s involvement in these plans.

He called for a decisive reinforcement of the KKE, the re-election of the communist MP, Vassilis Metaxas, in Magnesia, noting that the people of Magnesia “can’t expect anything at all from the 43% they gave to ND and from the 71% they cumulatively gave to ND, SYRIZA and PASOK. He doesn’t need to give it again, because tomorrow he will find it in front of him.”

He said that the power of the KKE will be deposited from the next day in the revival, in the counter-attack of the labor-people’s movement and things will be much better for the people of the region. A different day will have dawned.”

He said that the KKE will be a militant, popular opposition “and the people of Magnesia cannot expect such an opposition either from SYRIZA and PASOK, who will continue to give consent to the next ND government, nor from the so-called “small parties” , disposable commas in fact.”

He emphasized that “no vote in the KKE should be lost in abstention, nor should it be scattered right and left”.

“The step we took on May 21 can now become a leap. With KKE even stronger, with the people and their movement strong, no government can feel omnipotent.

Those of you who dared, do it again. You see you are not alone. And those of you who thought about it and hesitated, you have another chance to make the right choice. The choice of strength, struggle and hope for the people” concluded in his speech the head of the Central Committee of the KKE.