In the show “Kalimera” of his television SKAI and the journalist Giorgos Autias, the PASOK-Change Movement Spokesman spoke today, Dimitris Manzos.

Called to answer if there is a confrontation between PASOK-Movement of Change and him SYRIZA, D. Manzos emphasized: “SYRIZA will have to answer this for us. Throughout the pre-election period, we spoke politically and programmatically. The confrontation with New Democracy is political and programmatic, something that has been valid since 1974. The political and ideological opponent of PASOK-Movement of Change, the Democratic Party, is New Democracy and its conservative policies. Obviously, we will have to see what happened in May regarding the large New Democracy victory, but we will have to see what went wrong in 2019 as well. The New Democracy victory by a very large percentage is a disapproval of the official opposition that has been exercised to date. Both in style and content. For us, the opponent is the party dictatorship, the client state, bribery, which we saw paying for in a bloody way as a country in Tempi, is the abandonment of the social state, which we saw with the tragic incidents in EKAV and ESY. We are against opacity, we are against tax injustice”

Highlighting the major differences in the opposition model followed by PASOK-Movement for Change, compared to SYRIZA, Dimitris Manzos emphasized that: “The great party of the Center-Left, the Democratic Party, PASOK is here to support another policy, genuinely progressive, against the conservative policies of the New Democracy. Let’s remember, for example, that Kathimerini today has a front page about the accuracy on the shelf, the products, the prices that go up like a rocket, while inflation is falling like a feather. PASOK-Movement of Change is the serious, reliable, genuinely fair progressive party, which can articulate an effective opposition, but also an alternative proposal for governing the country, in the coming months. It’s what we didn’t have in previous years. I served both as a Director in the Parliamentary Group and as a Press Representative and saw with my own eyes the differences in style and content between the PASOK opposition and the SYRIZA opposition. And we saw this at the ballot box. SYRIZA’s 20% is a resounding disapproval of the content and style of the opposition, the unhinged politicians, the blurred strategic footprint, left by SYRIZA. I hear they talk about simple analog. Did we have a simple analogy in 2019, when SYRIZA lost all regions of the country in the regional elections and the map was painted blue in the national elections in 2019? Therefore, SYRIZA needs self-criticism, to take the responsibilities assigned to it and not throw them at PASOK”.

Addressing her candidate for parliament New Republic Adonis Georgiadis, Mr. Manzos pointed out regarding the possibility that New Democracy will not have independence in the June 25 elections: “If there is so much uncertainty about what will happen the next day with the elections, let the Democratic Party embrace the needs of the people, the citizens, and make a new regulation in the “right apartment building” to find them.

And D. Manzos concluded: “Because Mr. Georgiadis also acted as a “witness” for the constitutional review, let him tell us what he meant. If omnipotence also means a constitutional review in the first Parliament. Tell us which articles they want to review.”