Criticism of SYRIZA on the occasion of statements by its officials that blame New Democracy and Kyriakos Mitsotakis for the fatal shipwreck off Pylos, he made speaking to radio of SKAI 100.3, the former Minister of the Interior, Makis Voridis.

Responding to Ms. Katrivanou’s claim from SYRIZA that you suffocated them with deterrence, addressing Ms. Gelestathi from New Democracy, Mr. Voridis emphasized “these are issues of identity for this form of the left, they cannot escape from it, they are part of their identity, part of their point of view”.

Referring to the maritime tragedy, Mr. Voridis emphasized that such horrible shipwrecks happen, stressing that there is the position of the European Union that we must be able to save what we can save, but in any case the borders are guarded and cannot be perforated.

Responding to yesterday’s statement by Alexis Tsipras that an application should provide a legal path to immigration, Mr. Voridis emphasized that the legal procedures must exist and be followed.

“There is a legal migration route, obviously the legal route cannot satisfy millions of applications. However, because in SYRIZA they want to follow illegal migration routes, they must know that the position of the European Union is that borders cannot be abolished and whoever wants whenever they want to enter our country”.