Theodorikakos: ELAS is operationally ready to release any public property that has been occupied


“Whatever public property has been seized, the Greek police from an operational point of view are ready to release it and hand it over to the society of Thessaloniki, in order to enjoy its creative exploitation.”

This was stressed by the Thessaloniki City Hall, the Minister of Citizen Protection Takis Theodorikakos, who met today at noon with the mayor, Konstantinos Zervas.

“I express my satisfaction because the municipality and the Region of Central Macedonia support the initiatives to liberate our universities from” pseudo-occupations “which have been creating problems for many decades”, he stressed, noting that he is in constant contact with the Rector of AUTh, Nikos Papai .

He added that there was a relevant discussion with the Deputy Minister of Interior, responsible for Macedonia and Thrace, Stavros Kalafatis, ELAS and self-government and soon we will have news specifically in this area.

“We do everything to ensure the sense of security of the citizens of Thessaloniki”, clarified Mr. Theodorikakos.

During his meeting with Mr. Zervas, they had the opportunity to discuss, among other things, a series of projects in the “Antonis Tritsis” program. “I am glad because they informed me that projects worth 28 million euros have been financed and many more are expected, which are important for the beautiful Thessaloniki. The study for the upgrade and reconstruction of Papafi stables is also in progress. “I see that Thessaloniki is moving forward and works are being done to upgrade the quality of life of citizens,” said the Minister of Citizen Protection.

He expressed his satisfaction for the close relationship of the Greek Police with the municipality of Thessaloniki, based on a cooperation protocol of the Ministry of Citizen Protection with the Municipality, as he said. “The cooperation is daily and effective. There is an improvement in the crime rate, car thefts and burglaries are reduced. I emphasize that the upgrade of the coordination center for incidents of domestic violence is imminent, thanks to the voluntary work of the municipal police of Thessaloniki, which I would like to welcome. It is a model of important work “.

For his part, Konstantinos Zervas said that Takis Theodorikakos knows very well the issues of local government and the problems of Thessaloniki and helped a lot in the operation of the municipalities with the unacceptable, as he characterized it, law Cleisthenes. “Takis Theodorikakos is the” architect “of the solution of this abortion of the Cleisthenes law and with his own initiatives, at the moment most of the municipalities are able to be governed”.

Regarding the issues of Citizen Protection, the Mayor of Thessaloniki stated that the presence of the police is essential in the observance of security measures and that Thessaloniki must be a benevolent one. “One of the most difficult issues in our city, if not the most difficult, is traffic. The Municipal Police demonstrated to the minister its initiatives, the possibilities of managing its problems. There is an excellent cooperation which is being built every day to a greater degree, at a higher level, with the cooperation of the Greek Police “. As he said afterwards, “what I asked from the minister and I ask every time, is the strengthening of EL.AS, the presence of traffic wardens, the presence of more ELAS men in our streets and on the other hand, it is very important and reinforcement of the Municipal Police, which with 81 people does this excellent job ”.

Mr. Kalafatis described the presence of the Minister of Citizen Protection in Thessaloniki in the last two days as a catalyst and, as he said, “with his personal diagnosis of problems on the ground, whether they concern the West side of the city or the central municipality of Thessaloniki, “Not only did he see the problems closely, but he actually launched concrete solutions, whether it concerns the building installations of the departments or gave his directions on major issues such as traffic,” he said.

“The security of the citizens is at the forefront of the priority of the government of Kyriakos Mitsotakis and our presence, interventions and cooperation at this level, underline the fact of prioritization, in terms of the sense of security of the citizens,” he said. Mr. Kalafatis, emphasizing that “the fact of the release of public buildings, whether they concern the university space or others, is a key priority and a goal that is ahead of us”.


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