For the next day on SYRIZAwhich does not include Alexis Tsipras, in the leadership of the party, spoke o George Tsipras.

Speaking on the First Program, Mr. Tsipras was asked if he fears the split of the party and he replied: “It is a secondary risk in relation to the risk of not immediately obtaining a political line, direction and leadership, such that it leads to a relegation of the party.” “This risk (of the split) objectively exists, but I think it’s the second one,” he said, noting that “we must remain united.”

Responding to a question about whether there is a possibility that Alexis Tsipras will create something new, he said that he does not know anything more than what has seen the light of day.

“I think he had ten times the capabilities and weapons to do this thing in the previous period of time, that is, to make SYRIZA itself something else and that did not happen. I mean, it wasn’t done on much better terms,” ​​he said. “Alexis Tsipras has such a size that I think he will decide on his own what to do”, concluded the former SYRIZA MP.

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