“We aim for an overall development of the economy that will have a direct positive effect on the lives of citizens with better wages and better jobs.” This was emphasized in his position on the programmatic statements of the government, the parliamentary representative and Member of Parliament for Athens First of the ND, Thanos Plevris.

According to Mr. Pleuris, the leaders of the official opposition did not understand the message of the recent elections “to quickly advance the changes and reforms that will strengthen our country”.

As he said, a central change in the structure of the government is the establishment of a ministry of family support, proving that they prioritize family support and solving the demographic problem.

Regarding foreign policy and defense, Mr. Pleuris said that we are strengthening the country, shielding it with equipment and international alliances and ensuring our national rights without any discount. He even raised as a central issue the “highlight of the provocative prosecution that the legitimate mayor of Heimarra Fredi Beleris receives” pointing out that “the prime minister as well as the foreign minister made it clear that the course of Albania depends on respect for rights and the rule of law”.

Regarding the issues of security and immigration, he said that “we will continue to support the Greek policeman who selflessly ensures the safety of the citizen every day”, while “we will continue a tough but fair immigration policy”. Our homeland is a country and not a place, he characteristically said while also referring to the issues of Education and Health.

“In Education we will strengthen the public character and at the same time we will revise article 16, in Justice the reforms will continue for acceleration and we have already removed the distortions of the 2019 SYRIZA KP. In Health after the management of an unprecedented pandemic, the investment in preventive examinations and in the PHY with the reinforcement of the staff doctor, the complete renovation of the TEPs of 80 hospitals and 156 Health Centers continues and we are proceeding with the major reform of the new Health Charter with the reinforcement of the NHS with an additional 10,000 recruitments”, said Mr. Pleuris.