Euclid Tsakalotos announced his candidacy for the presidency of SYRIZA PS, from an event at the Impact Hub in Psirri.

Mr. Tsakalotos said that his candidacy is based on the dipole: Continuity and intersection. He said that “the next step is the legacy of Alexis Tsipras and what we achieved in SYRIZA together with the opposition and the government”. “Tomi,” he added, “because when you’ve lost by such a margin, it’s obviously things you haven’t understood and didn’t do well.” “Perhaps we did not convince with our proposals and interventions,” he commented.

He noted that in his own proposal and perspective “SYRIZA must remain a part of the Left” and at the same time emphasized that he cannot imagine a Left that does not want to open up to a wider area, to workers of all kinds. “We have a very class-based society where the future of children is determined from the moment they are born”, he pointed out and added that he also wants to address the young people who have a small business or are scientists who want there to be rules in the state, LGBTI people community and people with disabilities.

“We want to address a lot of people,” he emphasized, noting that the question “where are you addressing” is one thing and the question “who are you addressing” is another, to emphasize the importance of both questions. “At the same time that we listen to the world and its problems, we must explain to this whole world our values, our positions and our proposals. Something very good can come out of this meeting,” he said.


Among other things, Mr. Tsakalotos said that in the elections “we had a blurred identity”, “the stigma of SYRIZA was not clear in these elections”. He said that the Left wants to help people to make their lives better and that in the negotiation under Alexis Tsipras “we proved that we can do it”. “Aim to give power to the world”, he pointed out, talking about the battles – cinematic, political, programmatic – that must be fought.


At the event to announce his candidacy, which is ongoing, Mr. Tsakalotos is flanked on the step panel by Andrea Xantho, Harry Mamoulakis, Irini Agathopoulou, Makrina Viola Kostiwho will make short placements.

Present at the event are, among others, Nikos Philis, George Stathakis, Dimitris Vitsas, Thodoris Dritsas, Panos Lambrou, Anneta Kavadia.