“The news of the murder of young Michalis, a fan of AEK, by extreme right-wing Croats shocked the whole country”, emphasizes Efi Ahtsioglou in her article on “Libre.gr”.

“The next day the shock became even more intense. Journalists revealed that the Ministry of Civil Protection knew in detail the descent of the far-right killers, knew they had violent intentions and, despite warnings from UEFA and the Croatian government, let them roam the country unmolested. The murderers reached Athens, moved by electric railroad, and accomplished their hideous work in New Philadelphia. The Ministry of Civil Protection did nothing to stop them. And not only that. The Minister of Citizen Protection is still in his position”, he points out.

Mrs. Ahtsioglou notes about the government of Mr. Mitsotakis that “for four years they have ruled the country with excuses. How long can this go on? How long will we have ministers who cannot find a responsibility to take on? And how long will the prime minister hide in difficult times and only appear when the storm passes to pretend to be uninvolved in major problems. Unfortunately, after the elections, the new New Democracy government is the old one. With communication gimmicks, it continues to justify the administrative collapse of the state that brings about disasters, economic poverty and loss of human life.”

Finally, he underlines that “we need modern answers to the problems, with a reason that will inspire citizens again, away from verbal violence. In SYRIZA-PS it is our obligation to oppose the society of low expectations that the ND government tries to convince us is the only horizon for our citizens and our country. We need to set the bar higher, envision but also work hard to demand a society of high expectations for all of us. And we have all the possibilities to succeed.”