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The city of São Paulo is full of restaurants and bars that serve their dishes and drinks in a conventional way, at most by candlelight. However, in the capital there are also experiences that go beyond food, for those who are tired of the monotony and want to venture out —and are also willing to spend more.

Dining in the Dark, dinner with blindfolded people

Dining in the Dark, dinner with blindfolded people

Dining in the Dark, dinner with blindfolded people – Disclosure

There are two diners in the dark, either with all the lights off or blindfolded visitors. The public eats starters, main course and dessert without knowing exactly what they are being served.

For those with an even more adventurous spirit, Dinner in the Sky offers dinner, lunch and cocktails in a restaurant suspended 50 meters above the ground.

There are even more playful experiences, both for children and adults. Little ones who like dinosaurs can eat hamburgers while watching dino shows. In another attraction, the Mad Hatter’s tea from “Alice in Wonderland” is washed down with gin and exclusive drinks.

See below a list of dinners and bars that bring experiences that go beyond gastronomy.

Dining in the Dark

Blindfolded, the public stirs up other senses; appearance now matters little —taste and smell will be highlighted. The menu to be tasted consists of starter, main course and dessert. There are three options, classified by color: red, with dishes predominantly made with red meat; green, with vegetarian dishes; and the blue, with fish and other seafood.
Hub Food Art & Lounge – r. Olympics, 205 – Vila Olímpia, west region; Fri., at 8 pm, 11, 18 and 8/25 and 9/1;

Dinner in the Sky

The idea of ​​the experience is to serve meals in a restaurant suspended 50 meters from the ground. Those who want to eat in the heights can choose between four experiences, with different prices and compositions. Lunch lasts 50 minutes, is served in two shifts and includes a starter, main course and dessert, in addition to drinks. Dinner is the most extensive, with two types of starters. There is also the cocktail and sunset, with snacks and drinks. This edition of the attraction takes place next to the Estaiada bridge.
Av. Magalhães Castro, 6118, Butantã, west region. From 8/30 to 12/10; from $300 on

Blind Dinner

The Dive space, opened in May of this year, offers gastronomic experiences completely in the dark. Dinner takes place in an environment with large tables and serves a cover charge, starter, main course and dessert. The other option is the bar with snacks, feijoada and beer. The waiters are blind people and the show, which includes live Brazilian and international music, is also performed by them. Activities take place every two weeks.
Espaço Dive – Av. Morumbi, 8503, Brooklin, south region; from BRL 230.

Mad Hatter’s Gin and Tea Party

Under the theme of the Mad Hatter’s Tea, inspired by Alice in Wonderland, the experience is composed of presentations of characters from the classic story, such as the Risonho Cat, the March Hare and the caterpillar Absolem, in a playful setting. In place of tea, gin and exclusive cocktails are served, such as Dormouse made with flower caramel, Sicilian lemon juice and jasmine tea.
Greta Galpão – r. Pedro Soares de Almeida, 104, Vila Anglo Brasileira, west region; until 8/13; from R$190 at

magic Dining – Dinos Experience

While enjoying the all-you-can-eat fries, salad, pizza, pasta and mini hamburgers, the audience interacts with replicas of dinosaurs in a jungle setting, in a presentation that takes place every 15 minutes.
Shopping Ibirapuera – Av. Ibirapuera, 3103, Indianapolis. to have. on Fri., from 5 pm to 11:30 pm; Sat. from 12:00 to 23:30; Sun. and holidays from 12h to 22h; child from BRL 59 and adult from BRL 89

Source: Folha

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