USA – Nancy Pelosi: Democratic nominee for Speaker of the House of Representatives again in November


The Speaker of the House of Representatives, Democratic MP Nancy Pelosi, 81, announced on Tuesday that she will run for a seat for the 19th time this year, but did not specify whether she will seek to remain in the leadership of her party’s parliamentary group.

The California politician is the first woman to take over the presidency and was generally considered to be stepping down, especially as her party risks losing its majority in Parliament in the November 8 by-elections.

It was not clear whether she would honor the deal she had made to secure her unprecedented second consecutive term as speaker of parliament after the 2018 election, which she said would make room for the newest Democratic leadership to take over. generation.

Ms Pelosi’s political bureau declined to comment on whether she would run for a new term as Speaker of the House of Representatives. “The president is not in a change of direction, she is on a mission,” said a close associate.

It would not be unprecedented for the person in the presidency of the Parliament to claim his re-election and then announce that he will not claim a leading role in the body.

In 2006, then-Speaker of the House of Representatives Dennis Hastert comfortably regained his seat, although the Democrats had won by a landslide control of both houses of the US Congress.

The day after the election, Dennis Hastert had made it clear that he would not seek the leadership of Congress, which would be formed in January 2007. He left Parliament later in 2007.

“Although we have made progress, much more needs to be done to improve the lives of the people. “These elections are crucial: nothing less than our democracy is judged,” Pelosi said in a video posted on her Twitter account.

Democrats are preparing for a rather difficult election in November, but Nancy Pelosi’s seat is considered safe for the party.

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