“We are building the left-wing progressive party of tomorrow, we are building the home of every progressive citizen, the home of the left, the center-left, the centrist, the moderate, the middle class, the youth. Of all those who trusted us since 2012 and are part of our identity”, emphasized Mr Nikos Pappas, candidate for president of SYRIZA – Progressive Alliance during his speech in Argos, which was followed by an open discussion with members and friends of the party.

As he noted, “in recent elections we retroactively paid for policies we implemented. We paid for the suspicion of an ideological and political retreat. We gave the impression that we embody the philosophy and logic of policies that significantly touched some parts of the electorate.”

Kauthorizing the policy of the N.D., noted that “Mr. Mitsotakis does not guarantee all-round modernization but all-round crisis”, brings anachronism and retrogression. “It is not progress and modernization to have your house, shop, business, field taken away, to not have a public health system, to not have access to financing for 95% of businesses,” he said characteristically.

“Our duty is to create a strong progressive front, a faction that the country needs and to respond to the great challenges,” he noted.

The event was attended, among others, by: Giorgos Gavrilos (MP of Argolis), Roula Nikolopoulou (candidate of MP), Angelina Hatzopoulou (coordinator of N.E. Argolidas, member of K.E. of the party), Spyros Tsetsekos (deputy coordinator of N.E. ), Chrysi Dai (member of N.E.), Kostas Gratseas (member of N.E.), Thymios Koikas (member of N.E.), Christos Stathis (member of N.E.), Michalis Panagiotou (member of N.E. ), Stelios Doutsos (member NE), coordinating members of OM, candidate municipal councilors. Angelos Tolkas, responsible for the communication of the candidacy of Nikos Pappas, former MP and former minister, also made a statement.

Nikos Pappas before the event met and discussed with the management – the president Fotis Damoulos and members of the Board of Directors.– of the Chamber of Argolis for local issues and for issues that concern the SME sector.

Tomorrow, the candidate president of SYRIZA-Progressive Alliance will be in Viotia and will talk to members and friends of the party in Aliarto (Manteio Cafe, 50 Athens Ave.) at 8 pm.