The prefecture of Kozani was visited by a government delegation led by the Minister of Development Kostas Skrekas and the Deputy Minister of Environment and Energy Alexandra Sdoukou.

The visit took place in the context of the visits it carries out the New Democracy in view of the 87th TIFand the government echelon was accompanied by the Deputy Minister of the Interior in charge of Macedonian-Thrace affairs and Member of Parliament of the prefecture Stathis Konstantinidis, the Member of Parliament of the prefecture Mr. Michalis Papadopoulos, the secretary of Quality and Volunteering ND Pisti Krystallidou and the secretary of Social Solidarity and Human Rights ND Maria Natsiu.

The Minister of Development, accompanied by the officials of the echelon and the regional governor of Western Macedonia, Giorgos Kasapidis, held successive meetings with representatives of productive entities in the region. Mr. Skrekas and Mrs. Sdoukou jointly chaired a meeting with investment bodies, while immediately after the Minister of Development with the participation of Kastoria MP Maria Antoniou met with representatives of the fur industry. At the same time, the Deputy Minister of Environment and Energy met with members of the Association of Energy Communities of the Region of Western Macedonia. Immediately after, the delegation, always accompanied by the regional governor, held a working meeting with Professor Louta Malamati on the creation of a Data Center at the headquarters of the University of Western Macedonia, visited the model greenhouse unit “Mountain Plantations of Gosi”, while the tour concluded with a visit to the ETEKA facilities in Ptolemaida.

Right after the meetings the Minister of Development Kostas Skrekas stated: “We met the productive bodies of Kozani and Western Macedonia and described to them the government’s effort to transform the economic model of Western Macedonia, with the Region and the regional governor, Giorgos Kasapidis, as the main pillar and helper. Giorgos Kasapidis worked with transparency, vision and plan producing measurable work for his country and he is the best choice for Western Macedonia because he can really contribute the most to his country in the coming years.

Our main goal in Western Macedonia is sustainable development and the creation of new ones, highly paid, jobs so that young men and women stop leaving the area and thus reverse the trend of population shrinkage. Very large investments are going to be made, with emblematic ones in mega factories, huge factories that will produce products, such as batteries for example, that will be used for Greece to achieve the green transition as a whole”.

In her statements, the Deputy Minister of Environment and Energy Alexandra Sdoukou emphasized: “Today I visited Kozani with the Minister of Development Mr. Skrekas, the Deputy Minister of Macedonia – Thrace Mr. Konstantinidis and the MP Mr. Papadopoulos. With the regional governor of Western Macedonia, Mr. Kasapidis, we met with economic and academic institutions of the region and talked with citizens. In recent years, Western Macedonia has entered a period of intense economic and productive transformation. Green energy, new technologies, innovation and sustainable agriculture take the place of the “monoculture” of lignite and become the development vehicle of the region. The ND government has proven that it has both the will and the plan to strengthen the development prospects of the region and we have already started working on the “Western Macedonia of 2030″. A holistic framework of actions that includes over 380 projects with a budget of 4 billion euros”.

It is worth noting that the members of the echelon participated in a meeting with members of the DEEP Kozani, which was presided over by its president, Mr. Fotis Goupas.