The president of the Spartans Vasilis Stigas with his intervention in the Plenary he answered the parliamentary representative of PASOK-KINAL Michael Katrinthe one who earlier in the speech asked “for the Government to finally implement the law against the Kasidiari party”. As Mr. Katrinis said, “we now have clear indications, as well as confessions, about the real leadership of this party, which refers to the remanded Kasidiaris” and “the Greek State cannot finance a party led by a convicted and imprisoned leader when there is also relevant jurisprudence of the CoE”

The president of the Spartans, Vassilis Stigas, called what he said against his party “sad and smelly”. He wondered, “if Mr. Katrinis is a judge or a prosecutor” and added “is there any decision? What does he have in his hands and he is talking like that” He attacked PASOK saying that “they cannot dare to finance and stolen money, when PASOK together with ND owe 1 billion euros to the banks. Just saying this is a shame for the Greek people when some people enter houses, break doors and confiscate houses.”

First, Mr. Stigas said “PASOK should be ashamed of the disgrace it has done” and added “there are no Spartans in custody, nor are there any hidden leaders. There are detainees from PASOK, who have eaten the entrails of this country, with kickbacks, commissions, with European funds, Delor packages, everything. PASOK has done this, not the Spartans, so don’t talk about rope in the hanged man’s house.” Mr. Stigas argued that “the Spartans are not ashamed of anything. They were disturbed because they saw that despite the problems that a parliamentary party can have, we have still maintained our cohesion. We will try to do the best for this country. However, we do not accept instructions of this type from people who have destroyed and occupied the country”

The parliamentary representative of PASOK-KINAL Michalis Katrinis responded to the president of the Spartans saying that from the very public statements of Mr. Stiga about the Greek Mafia and circles that influence or shape opinions it is evident – Mr.for us it is non-negotiable, as we did in the first bills that came to the Parliament – that parties that are obviously connected to representatives who have been excluded from the parliamentary elections as members of a criminal organization cannot be financed. That is why we ask the Government and the parties of the democratic arc to take a stand and guarantee that here we will not allow in the temple of Democracy, “people who have been convicted by the Greek justice system to think that they can interfere in political events in a way invincible, which does not honor the Republic”

The president of the Spartans objected that “Mr. Katerini insists on playing judge. Accuser, investigator and I don’t know what else” and referred him “to go and search in Brussels, in the suitcases with the money of Mrs. Eva Kaili who comes from his party”. The Spartans, he said, “have nothing to hide, nor to fear. I explained everything to the prosecutor today and we have nothing to fear.”