“At a time when the country is experiencing a biblical disaster from the floods in Thessaly, with human losses and dramatic consequences for the residents, public health and the economy, the only thing that interests Mr. Mitsotakis is to set up fiestas and indeed without a reason for to hide his own responsibilities for the insecurity experienced by the Greek society and economy. And unfortunately, the administration of the TIF also finds an ally in this plan,” SYRIZA said in a statement.

“While always, on the last weekend of the TIF, the official opposition is present, Mr. Mitsotakis, with the agreement of the TIF management, moved his trial there.

SYRIZA – Progressive Alliance had sent a request to be present on Saturday September 16 with the President of K.O., Sokratis Famellos. And due to the postponement of the presidential election for Sunday, September 17, he had withdrawn interest for Sunday. However, the TIF administration responded with a proposal for tomorrow, September 12, while it did not do the same for Mr. Mitsotakis, even though there are many days available during the week.

This is an unprecedentedly unethical and insulting treatment for the official opposition of the country, which cannot be tolerated.

In these critical moments for the country, there is no room for petty political games. Seriousness and consistency are required from everyone and, above all, respect for the rules of political dialogue.

Mr. Mitsotakis must attend the TIF until Thursday, allowing the opposition to exercise its institutional role and at the same time the possibility to talk with the productive bodies.

There is no room for maneuvering when the country is experiencing such a widespread crisis. Even today there are margins. Otherwise, Mr. Mitsotakis and the TIF administration will be charged with a major anti-democratic strategy that will not be tolerated.”