As of yesterday morning, the operations of collecting, burning and burying the dead animals from the bad weather Daniel began in the flooded plain of Karditsa, as announced by the Ministry of Health.

In Palamas Karditsa this morning, livestock farmers collect the carcasses of the animals by themselves, dragging them with the tractors.

The images are harsh but capture the extent of the destruction and the struggle that people are fighting in the affected areas, where the risk to public health is great.

According to an announcement by the Ministry of Agricultural Development and Food, the dead animals are being transported to areas of Imathia and Arcadia, where they will be cremated in special furnaces.

The responsible deputy governor of Thessaly, Apostolos Billis, is responsible for coordinating the competent regional veterinary services and ELGA.

ELGA teams record the damage and inform the farmers, however, in the images that arrive from the area, the farmers collect the dead animals from the fields and units by themselves, which are then collected by the competent services.