Commission President Ursula von der Leyen announced the mobilization of resources from the European Union up to 2.2 billion euros, in her joint statements with Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis, after their meeting in Strasbourg. Mrs. von der Leyen, after declaring that Europe stands by the Greeks, spoke of five sources of securing funds.

As he said:

– we will use money from the previous period that was not spent from the Cohesion Funds
– The second source concerns the European support fund to which we will channel funds
– The third element is the common agricultural policy. We also have the new program to look at. This money will restore forests and rural infrastructure
– The EU will be by your side with resources from the recovery fund (€400 million)
– There will also be resources from the next generation 2 program

Their statements after their meeting

We will be quick and efficient, said the President of the Commission and referred to the ways to give up to 2.2 billion euros to Greece, while resources will also be made available from the European Solidarity Fund. Next year, 400 million euros can be given from there. We will use money that was not used in the previous period
European support fund. Immediately a place can go to the Greeks. An important tool is the common agricultural policy. We have two funds from the previous program and the new program for rural policy. To restore forests and agricultural disasters.

The prime minister pointed out the seriousness of the situation, and noted that Greece suffered from two historical disasters, the mega-fires, especially in the Evros and the worst flood in our history. The prime minister showed a photo from the village of Metamorfosi, to highlight the magnitude of the disaster. We rely on the support of Europe, the good thing is that the economy is in good shape and we can cover needs.