His candidacy Stefanou Kasselakis for the leadership of SYRIZA is in accordance with the statute and the provisions, said the member of the Political Secretariat of SYRIZA, speaking to SKAI. Panos Skourletishowever – he added – one could say that the statute is “messing up”, not only for Mr. Kasselakis, but in general, because it provides that someone who has only been a member of the party for a month can be a candidate for president.

A candidate for the presidency of the party should accept an ideological and values ​​program, noted Mr. Skourletis.

Asked if the video from Makronisos is offensive, he replied that everyone’s movements are judged and added: “I am not a fan of the opinion that for the sake of a communicative logic we can put everything in the mixer and make a communicative slurry. There is a danger of too much communication and too little substance.”

And he explained that “Macronisos had victims and abusers, it is not only the division that caused”, while he added that “you cannot refer to holy monsters like Yiannis Ritsos and Mikis Theodorakis, and compare them to the SYRIZA candidates. This is intemperance.”

He also said that SYRIZA needs to understand why it lost, it does not need a Messiah, while he characterized the approaches to hunting internal enemies as divisive, saying: “We are not owners in the Left, we are servants for many years.”

“The unity of the party is self-esteem and we must pursue it” he answered a question about what will happen if Stefanos Kasselakis is elected.

Mr. Skourletis began his presentation by saying that “we cannot avoid referring to what happened in Thessaly, not only for reasons of solidarity but because all political responsibility is concentrated there, the way the state is constituted”.

He stressed that we need to draw a line and look again from the beginning of a plan, while he underlined that the questions about the amounts that the government did not allocate from the recovery fund and about the money that was not disbursed on time are relentless.