The commitment that he will not leave SYRIZA-PS regardless of the result of the elections for the nomination of the president was given by the candidate for the presidency, Stefanos Kasselakis, in a speech at a gathering in Thessaloniki and he asked the other candidates, the parliamentarians and his executives party to pledge that they will not leave as well.

The candidate for president of SYRIZA – PS emphasized that he respects the entire history of the faction, expressed the belief that it has a long future ahead of it and formulated other commitments.

“I pledge that regardless of the result the next day, from Election Sunday I will not compromise with any other candidate. I promise that if you trust me, I will fight with all my soul to defeat the mechanisms of interests that are already against me. I commit, regardless of the result, that I will fully respect the party’s statutes,” underlined Mr. Kasselakis.

Referring to Alexis Tsipras, he asked that his work not be undermined. “He kept cohesion as long as he could, he kept socially alive 400,000 families with two unemployed parents and two children who were on the verge of foreclosure, 2,500,000 uninsured. Let’s be proud of our government and not undermine the work of Alexis Tsipras. Let’s be proud of our government,” he pointed out.

The SYRIZA president candidate emphasized that “the Greek dream must include the knowledge of our history and Makronissos and all the struggles of the Left, which belong to all the people, because the Left fought for all the people and not just for her own leftist measures”.

“In the name of these struggles we must build a patriotic, modern governing Left. Patriotism is not the crown of the extreme right, I know that they exist in Parliament, that they exist in society. There are more of us, rest assured, and we are not afraid of them. Patriotism is self-sacrifice, for everyone to say I sacrifice something from my money, from my money, from my time to be able to help my country. With this sense of patriotism I have decided to return to my country so that I can add a small stone to the history of the place in my own way” he said, stressing the need for a modern state, i.e. reconstruction of the state.

At the event held on the pedestrian street of Agia Sofia, SYRIZA MPs Theodora Tzakri, Katerina Notopoulou and Petros Pappas, former MPs Dora Augeris and Dimitris Mardas and the candidate for Regional Governor of Central Macedonia, Yannis Mylopoulos, were present.